Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm with Coco

In an attempt to add structure and discipline to my life, I've decided to start blogging once a week on Saturdays. Like a routine! (I love routines.) I could probably do more, but internet things just have a way of sucking me in and consuming too much of my time, and honestly, I have other fish to fry. So it's going to be a once-a-week thing from here on out, or that's the plan. (I'm sure it will be deviated from.)

So I don't really keep up with stuff much, but my mom has been filling me in on this whole "Tonight Show" fiasco that's been happening. So I happened to turn on Oprah one day this week, and she had Jay Leno on there, and they were talking about the whole thing, which I really have nothing to say about that, but during the course of the show they showed a little clip of Conan saying goodbye to the audience or whatever, and I hadn't seen that, and I just LOVED it. I don't know how to embed a video on here, but if you go to this address you can watch it for yourself:

I especially love what he says at the very end. I wish I could have watched him on the Tonight Show, but I don't stay up that late anymore. Speaking of pictures of attractive redheads, here's one of me from a week or two ago.

No more bangs! I'm not very good at taking pictures of myself, but I'm working on it. My "Stirruppz" came in the mail today! (See my "Faves" column to the side.)

How cool is that? I can't wait to try them out.


Robiana said...

For a second I thought you bought stirrup pants. We were about to have a chat.

But that's a great idea for boot attire!!! From the illustration, they look like those things you put on your sheets to hold your sheets on to the mattress. ;)

Robiana said...

P.S.- like you without bangs too!

Betsey Claire Buys said...

Thanks. They're just kind of pinned to the side. I'm ready for long hair with medium layers and no bangs. It may take a while...

Sasha said...

Hey Betsey! Where the heck did you find those things?? I always tuck my jeans into my socks and that's pretty freaking uncomfortable. Please end my suffering.
ps Love your blog. :)

Betsey Claire Buys said...

Thanks! I ordered them from They're great.