Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby Carrots

My mom is a master at picking things out at the farmer's market. I decided to "shadow" her on Saturday morning and ended up picking out some great things all by myself. 

But these baby carrots were all her. She cleaned out the baby carrot lady (I think she got 3 or 4 bunches) and gave one to me.

Later that day, I typed "roasted carrots" into the Pinterest search box, then spotted this recipe. It looked just perfect for my babies! 

And it was perfect. Josh acted like it was the best thing I ever cooked. So good with mashed potatoes on the side.

 Spice rub for pork and marinade for carrots.


Josh's lunch.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

Quote of the Day

Me: (after Josh put on an old t-shirt I thought would be too small) Oh look, that shirt does fit.

Josh: Yeah. It must be an extra-medium, and not a smedium.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Potato Herb Tart, A Horse and a Cart

Easter 2013 in Fordyce.

honey ham
deviled eggs
roasted asparagus
s'more treats


Sweet Addie.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving is our holiday.

This year we hosted it at our house for the fourth time, and we think we knocked it out of the park.

Here is a breakdown of what I did to prepare:

On Sunday and Monday I cleaned a lot.

On Tuesday I made cornbread for the dressing, chopped up some pecans for the dressing and the pecan pie, made a birthday cake, and celebrated my mom's birthday.

On Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve) I made pie crust, assembled and baked a pecan pie, made rolls up to the point of the second rise then put them in the freezer, assembled dressing and corn-and-wild rice casserole, made deviled eggs, and did some things to help Josh prepare to grill the turkey. Whew!

On Thanksgiving morning I baked all the stuff I had put together, made mashed potatoes, and made gravy from the turkey drippings. 

My cooking schedule stuck to the fridge.

Mom provided cranberry salad, green salad, pumpkin pie, and sweet potatoes. 

Last year, we named our Thanksgiving turkey "Fowl Roker," because we got the recipe from Al Roker's grilling cookbook. We named this year's turkey "Fowl Jarreau," but then we sort of renamed it "Fowl Gore" at the end when the turkey's leg fell off and I said, "That's gory."

Anyway, it was a perfect day. The house looked good, I looked good, and I even had fun. 

After our guests left I slept for 2 hours then got up and started cleaning again. Josh watched YouTube videos. I heard "Gangnam Style" probably 3 times as I washed dishes. Then the both of us sat around and watched random music videos on YouTube. 

This one was by far the most awesome:

Well, on to Christmas.
We, as a couple, suck at Christmas.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kitchen Pics

I've made this popcorn snack mix a couple of times recently.

My advice: Don't try this at home.
If you're on your period you might eat the better part of an entire zip-lock bag full.

I should be barred from almond bark forever.

Pork stew and quesadillas.

This is a Southwest-y stew with pork butt, a little hominy, and something green; I'm thinking tomatillos.
I must get the recipe from my mom.
It's regular rotation good.
I know it's Cook's Illustrated.

Speaking of Cook's Illustrated, I made this America's Test Kitchen baked ziti yesterday. It was pretty awesome. I highly recommend adding Italian sausage, like I did.