Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"The Deal and the Descent"

Last Thursday was the opening night of "The Deal and the Descent" at The Pocket Community Theatre... set design by Josh Ledbetter! I'm actually just now getting used to having him back in my life, now that the play is over. And he's getting used to having time to sleep again. Anyway, it was a great show! And I have pictures!

Josh was able to borrow a turn table from the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock to use for the show, so it's a revolving set with 3 separate segments.

This is the "chief's office".

This is the "Black Orchid"...

... which doubled as "Trixie's apartment".

And this is the brick wall. I believe it served as several different settings throughout the show.

And here are some of my favorite cast pics:

The cast was wonderful. And so was everyone else involved in the production. Especially Andrea and Josh Jackson. Josh #1 definitely could not have done it without you! Thanks to our friends/family who came to see the show. And to my mom for taking pictures.

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Dr. Whizgig said...

Tell Josh he did an excellent job!