Monday, March 7, 2011


The play I'm in ("Crimes of the Heart") opened last Thursday. Ever since our first read-through on January 18th, my life has been pretty much all about Babe! First I had to memorize all of her lines and blocking. Babe talks a lot and moves around a lot, so that was a big job. Then I had to work hard to whip my stage voice into shape, because I was having trouble speaking loudly and clearly enough. Babe delivers several long speeches throughout the play, where she gives out important information about the plot and the other characters, so it's important that the audience can hear me.

We've done 4 performances, and we have 4 to go. I'm happy with what I've done so far, but I see lots of room for improvement in myself. I am really going to miss this play when it's over! I am so thankful to have been cast. I hope I will get another opportunity soon to practice being a performer!

Anyway, Josh hasn't had a decent meal in like a month. I take that back, my mom cooked for us on my birthday. But that's about it. Thankfully, he's been too busy with work to really notice. It's the busy season at the company where he works full-time, plus he has a couple of freelance projects going on right now. Oh I'm 27 now! And our wedding is 3 months away.

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