Sunday, March 11, 2012

Culinary Capers Ingredient of the Week: Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Hey crazy lady, why so early? The assignment isn't due until a week from now.

Because. This evening, I was literally in the middle of making something with sun-dried tomatoes in it, when I checked Facebook and saw that sun-dried tomatoes had been announced as the Culinary Capers ingredient of the week.

{Is that cheating?}

So. In my latest attempt to replicate a Mellow Mushroom pizza at home (I could never replicate the wonderful buttery crust, but I can at least try to recreate the delicious toppings), I took a shot at my own version of the "Coco" pizza. 

The "Coco" pizza is a Mediterranean-type pizza that features hummus as its base. It also contains sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese. (At least it tasted like goat cheese to me.) Why is it called the Coco? I don't know. Probably some hippie reference that I don't understand.

To this I added my signature pizza ingredient: ever-so-slightly sauteed slices of red onion.

I made two pizzas, and the first one was not as good. Why? Because I was too stingy with the toppings. Hummus has a mild flavor, so you need plenty of colorful bits of flavor sprinkled over it.  {That's what I love about sun-dried tomatoes. They're just so darn flavorful.} For pizza #2 I made sure to pile on the sun-dried tomatoes and onions. Yum, yum.

Ever had blackened sun-dried tomatoes? They're not so bad!

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