Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Decoration Salvation

On the Friday before the Sunday decoration (almost 2 weeks ago), Mom and I went to Sims to attempt to decorate the graves on our own. Without Grandma's supervision. 

Mom had selected a beautiful assortment of faux flowers from Hobby Lobby, but unfortunately we forgot to bring everything we needed to get the flowers properly in place. Foam, wire cutters, everything. 

Things were looking dismal when a nice man in a camo T-shirt (who was apparently a "kinfolk") drove up to the cemetery in his pickup. I believe he was stopping by to do a little preliminary straightening up of his peoples' graves in preparation for Sunday. Anyway, he totally saved our ass. 

He had a pair of wire cutters in his truck, and he even helped Mom cut through the super-thick faux sunflower stems. He also encouraged us to steal foam from other peoples' fake flower arrangements.

They were old. They were probably just going to get thrown out on Sunday anyway

And so our trip was a success.

Grandma Forga's parents' grave.

Papa's grave.


I could rest for eternity here.

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