Monday, June 11, 2012

Operation Delta Food

Mom and I took a girls' trip to the delta region over the weekend. It was fun! We "shacked up" sharecropper-style. 

Like sharecroppers with fancy margaritas...

Blueberry and basil margarita.

We stayed in the "Pinetop Perkins shack" at the Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale, MS.

Back of shack.

The Shack Up is a neat place. I had seen it in Southern Living, and Mom had heard about it from a friend. It's basically a complex of restored sharecropper shacks surrounding a tricked out cotton gin. 

{I had always pictured a cotton gin as being some kind of small, hand-held machine. But it's actually like a big building.}

One side of the cotton gin houses a neat lobby with a bar, music venue, big sitting area, and gift shop. They have cute posters in the gift shop. This one is my favorite:

The other side of the cotton gin has been converted into several hotel-like rooms called "gin bins." For those who don't have a Ledbetter farm available, this would be the perfect place to host a redneck rustic wedding!

Anyway, we sipped our margaritas from our shack's screened-in front porch. 

Views from the porch.
On our way to Clarksdale, we stopped at the popular Craig's Bar-B-Q. We used lots of napkins there.

Then we stopped at Ms. Lena's pie shop, which is right around the corner from Craig's. {Ms. Lena is another Southern Living celeb.}

 On Friday we decided to drive over to Oxford. In Oxford we gawked at hydrangeas and enjoyed a delicious lunch at Ajax Diner.

On the way home we stopped at Pasquale's tamale cart in Helena. I got a tamale plate for lunch and a dozen tamales for later.

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