Friday, July 13, 2012

Hershey Bar Frosting

While I was shunning the media, Josh had a birthday!

Growing up, Josh's favorite birthday cake was his grandma's yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

{The opposite of my favorite, which has traditionally been chocolate cake with white icing.}

But back to Josh's favorite cake: It's yellow cake from a mix, with a very special chocolate frosting made from melted Hershey bars. I don't have the recipe, but I've been attempting (and failing) to replicate it for the last 6 years.

All I know is that "Ma" would have a whole bunch of Hershey bars, and she would break them all up and put them in this double boiler. 


Every year I get so frustrated with this, because I don't know what I'm doing, and the finished product never amounts to anything that tastes like what Ma made. 

{You would think I would be able to just google the dang recipe, but no. Apparently no one else has thought to make chocolate frosting out of melted Hershey bars.}

This year marked a turning-point, however. I actually got close to getting it right!!!

I used 2 6-packs of Hershey bars, 2 sticks of butter, a little cream, a little milk, and a little vanilla. I think it was too buttery, but once I got it on the cake, refrigerated the cake in our not-so-functional-in-the-summertime downstairs refrigerator overnight and served it to Josh the next day -- it tasted pretty darn good! And he loved it!
He said that he could eat the whole thing in one sitting, and that that was the mark of a Ma-like cake.

If I ever get it exactly right, I will post a precise recipe.

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Bonnie said...

I'm laughing reading you blog. My father who will turn 85 tomorrow had a favorite cake his mother always made. It was yellow cake (no boxed cakes back then) and a hershey bar icing. It always looked beautiful and became a shiny hard shell on the cake. My mother has tried for 55 years and has never been able to duplicate. Going to try your recipe. Hope it works.