Thursday, July 5, 2012

Key Lime Breakfast

I just did a fortnight-long media-fast, and it was like totally cool.

OK it was a little bit painful.

Internet-wise: I didn't blog, I barely glanced at FB, I did only 1 quick email-check per day, and I didn't read any blogs. Also: I didn't watch any TV at all. No housewives, no sister wives, no gypsies, no Duggars - nothin'. Not even any Oprah! The only thing I watched at all was a neat educational documentary on Netflix. And I probably only watched like an hour of that. And my exercise videos for old people. Which are totally hard.

Now I'm not sure how to incorporate "media" back into my life. Because I enjoyed being free from it. 

But I will try not to neglect my little blog.


Yesterday evening (for the 4th of July) we did a cookout. We had really good cheeseburgers, hot dogs, homemade French onion dip with potato chips and veggies, and watermelon margaritas in glittery plastic tumblers.

And key lime pie for dessert.

Key lime breakfast.

Mom makes the best key lime pie.


beverly said...

Oh yes, that happened! That picture makes that pie look even better than it tasted. But it was pretty fabulous, wasn't it? Mom

Betsey said...

It was SO GOOD.

I thought about not posting a picture of half-eaten pie... but then I figured what the heck. It's the only one I took.

Betsey said...

BTW, I plan on repeating this tomorrow morning. : )

Robiana said...

Holy crap. I love your food photogging. :) Thanks for sharing the yummies. Uh, you'll need to share a margarita with me some time! :) I want pie.

Betsey said...

Thanks! I finally finished cleaning the sunroom, and there's great light in there. We set up an eating area in there with our old dining table because we got a new dining table for the kitchen.

And Mom took the margarita pictures.