Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vegetable Lasagna

So, I made vegetable lasagna this evening...

Looks good huh?

This is Josh's big plate...

... And my little plate.

But I will not be posting the recipe. Why? Because it tasted AWFUL! It was so bad that I opted for an alternate supper of laffy taffy and diet coke. (You know I ate that little bread slice though!) It looks like it would taste good. It felt like it was going to taste good, as I was painstakingly preparing it. You know, the last time I made this recipe it tasted bad. But I thought it just needed salt. Nope.

Josh thought it was tolerable, so I put half the leftovers (2 Josh servings) in the fridge, for him to eat this week, and the other half in the freezer for him to eat another week. At some point I want to find a lasagna recipe I actually like. I made one a few weeks ago that was more traditional (red sauce, lots of meat), but I wasn't crazy about it. Something with a Mediterranean theme sounds good to me... like a lasagna that has feta cheese and olives and eggplant in it. (I don't know if that exists or even should exist, but for some reason it sounds good to me right now.)

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