Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cupcake Toppers

But first, let's talk about OWN. I am loving the Oprah Winfrey Network. When last we met, I was going on about my beloved trashy television shows. But I like good TV too. And OWN's got it. Even Josh was enjoying "Season 25: Behind the Scenes" (under the pretense that he works in production). I think I am going to like "Our America with Lisa Ling", "Oprah Presents Master Class", and the documentary club. I'm about to watch "Becoming Chaz" (about Cher's daughter Chastity's transition to living as a man). And I'm looking forward to "Sons of Perdition", about the boys and young men who are forced to leave their homes in the polygamist FLDS society. Interesting stuff!

Anyway, we're ordering cupcakes from Fordyce's famous Klappenbach Bakery for the wedding. I'm going pretty plain-Jane on them; half white with white icing, the other half chocolate with white icing (I dislike chocolate icing.) So I'm making cupcake toppers to dress them up! Here are some pics from my "process":

First I printed and stamped these sheets, enough for 36 toppers.

I cut them into squares and stuck photo mounting squares to the backs of half of them.

Then I hot-glued sticks to those pieces...

...And peeled the backings from the mounting squares to adhere the remaining sides.

Tada! Looks familiar from the invitation right? This is the crawfish side. The other side has our names and the date. Robin, if you're reading, these bows are in your future. : )


Anonymous said...

You're wedding is going to be adorable. Just like you.


Betsey said...

Thanks Mom! I feel like it's really coming together. Serendipitously almost.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever though about going into wedding planning?? Love it!