Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wedding Fashion

My mom's fabulous friend Julie has a REALLY cute blog, where part of what she does is post pictures of herself in cute outfits, and then she tells where she got each piece of the outfit, and gives a little back-story on some of the items. So, I thought I would do something similar for the outfit I wore on my "cute commute" down the aisle!

The Dress

I LOVE this dress. I bought it about a year ago (shortly after we got engaged), at White House|Black Market. I don't remember the exact price, but it was in the $120 range. When I bought the dress, I hadn't quite reached my weight-loss goal. So I ended up having it taken in by about a size and a half.

All along, I had envisioned myself wearing it strapless, but it came with detachable straps that I decided to slap on there kind of at the last minute. Here's the deal: The only strapless garments I can wear successfully involve elastic. And I'm glad I admitted that to myself BEFORE the wedding.

The Shoes

Gold ballet flats by Born (my foot's on the left). Approximately $80. I would have preferred to do heels, but due to some pesky leg/foot/toe/hip issues was not able to. After the wedding I told Josh that I had wanted to wear heels, and he was like, "Well I'm glad you didn't! Your stress level would have been doubled. I don't think I would have been able to talk you back from the brink if you were wearing heels." (And he did have to talk me back from the brink several times that day.)

The Accessories

Everything else (veil, earrings, bracelet) came from my beloved Etsy. These pieces were approximately $30 each. Here is a better picture of the earrings from the seller's website.

So I spent about $350 on the whole ensemble, including the cost of the alteration. I intend to get more use out of everything but the veil. I want to wear the dress again on our anniversary. And I'll definitely wear the shoes and the jewelry for everyday. The "love" bracelet is like my new favorite bracelet. It was difficult for me to not "debut" it before the wedding.

*In case anyone is interested, here are the links to the Etsy shops I purchased my accessories from:


Anonymous said...

The whole wedding was the most beautiful wedding. I loved it. It was the prettiest wedding I have been too..

Julie said...

LOL to your use of "Cute Commute!" I love it!

Betsey said...

Thanks Andrea!!! It was SO great to have you there. Is my present still alive?

Thanks Julie, LOL. And thanks for tagging me in your blog. I feel super famous now!!! Not that I'm trying to be you, but you have also inspired me to try hot pink lipstick. I have always shy-ed away from lipstick in general b/c I don't care for the colors that red-heads are "supposed" to wear. But I love you in hot pink so I am going for it! We'll see how it goes...