Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Leftovers

Here are some of my Christmas decorations.

I did a lovey Christmas card display on the "mantle". 

 Lovey Christmas cards.

Candy-cane heart.

I made a candy tree that was sorta cute.

Gumball garland. Spice drops actually. Spice drops are not as easy to string together as popcorn, I learned. I used fishing line for that.

I used white yarn to tie the mini-canes on, and that worked really well. You can barely see the yarn, it just blends in with the white tree.

Josh won't let me have a live tree. :(
He bought me this candle last year as a consolation. It doesn't compare to the smell of a cedar tree harvested from family land. But I do enjoy burning it. Marriage is comprise. (Totally worth it BTW.)


Robiana said...

You have much patience with the garland. Did you get my card? :)

Betsey said...

It was fun, I watched the Atlanta Housewives while I was stringing. I think I did it over the course of several days though. I sure did get your card. I love it! That textured paper is so neat.

Christmas Parties UK said...

There would be no point in me doing any sweetie garlands in my house! They wouldn't last two minutes with my daughter around! as quick as I was threading them she would be eating them! haha
The do look great though!

Betsey said...

Thanks! Yeah, my husband threatened to eat the candy tree. Looking at it would make us hungry for the first few days, but then we got used to it LOL.