Friday, February 3, 2012

Don't Fade on Me

I’ve had a serious thing for Tom Petty ever since “Mary Jane's Last Dance” came out when I was like 9. Nevermind that I didn’t know what the words meant until I was like 20; I loved that song with all my heart.

I loved his greatest hits album, and I loved the album Wildflowers. One of my favorite songs from Wildflowers is a beautiful/simple/sad acoustic track called “Don’t Fade on Me.”

I think he probably wrote it about the death of a loved one, but in my own mind I relate it to myself and my depression. Especially those times when it almost seemed to have me licked. The lyrics fit that feeling perfectly; that feeling of losing touch with life. And the guitar solo (1:47) kind of breaks my heart. Art has a way of making you feel better, just by calling it exactly like it is.

No Youtube video to be had of this one, but you should totally look it up on Spotify. And I’ll attempt to share it on my FB page if you’d like to check it out there.


Hollyhocks - Beverly Buys 2007
Don’t Fade on Me

I remember you so clearly

The first one through the door

I return to find you drifting

Too far from the shore

I remember feeling this way

You can lose it without knowing

You wake up and you don't notice

Which way the wind is blowing

Don't fade

Don't fade on me

You were the one who made things different

You were the one who took me in

You were the one thing I could count on

Above all you were my friend

Don't fade

Don't fade on me

Well your clothes hang on a wire

And the sun is overhead

But today you are too weary

To even leave your bed

Was it love that took you under?

Or did you know too much?

Was it something you could picture?

But never could quite touch?

Don't fade

Don't fade on me

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beverly said...

"Art has a way of making you feel better, just by calling it exactly like it is."

Beautifully said.