Monday, February 20, 2012

Songs Heard from the Other Room

Songs heard from the other room can be especially magical.

Yesterday evening I was napping in the bedroom, and Josh was watching this crazy movie on Netflix in the his man-room. I fell asleep as the movie was beginning, and I emerged from my slumber to this song, which played over the closing credits. 

I listened to it play, then hurried into the room and said, "What's this movie? What was that song?" The movie was White Lightnin' and the song was Restless Sinner by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

White Lightnin' is a sensationalized biopic about Jesco White of the infamous White family of West Virginia. I found this description of the movie on a site called Gorepress, and it sounds pretty good. 

{Josh and I are familiar with the White family because we saw The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival a few years back. It featured male frontal nudity if I remember correctly.}

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