Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vintage Color Splash

I bought this necklace at Cheap Thrills (a vintage/thrift clothing store in Fayetteville) for $10 like a year ago.

It's one of those 60's necklaces like they wore in "The Help."

I have another one that belonged to my Grandma Forga. It's pale pink and a bit more subtle. I wear it quite a bit. But I never wore the sherbert-tastic Cheap Thrills necklace because I couldn't figure out what to put it with. Yesterday evening, while getting dressed to go see a play, I was inspired to pair it with this black sweatshirt-dress.


I was going to make this my profile picture on Facebook, until Josh pointed out that I was making the dreaded "duck face." So I went with this instead.

Anyway, this outfit was totally cute and I was totally proud of it. You can't see, but I did black tights and brown cowboy boots.

{ quote of the day }

Josh on Valentine's Day: 
"Man, there were like six redheads in Walmart today!
Not that I went to Walmart to buy your flowers.
I was just there to look at the redheads."

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