Monday, March 5, 2012

My Snowy Birthday Week

Last week Josh and I (and our new friend TomTom) drove up to Minneapolis/St. Paul to check out apartments and rent houses. 

We did a lot of driving in the snow.

Everyone will be happy to know that we did stay warm. 

Right before we left, I found these cute-ish snow booties on uber-clearance at TJ Maxx in Arkansas. Jesus was looking out for me, because these babies sure did the trick.

Between the snow boots and the many layers of clothing I wore each day, I was in good shape.

For my birthday, Josh got us tickets to see The Birds at the Guthrie
{What a treat!}

photo source

The play (a creepy psychological drama with an awesome sound design) was totally different from the movie. For one thing, it was set in the present time.

By the end of our trip, we had decided that it would probably make more sense for us to just buy a house. 

I hope it all works out, and I hope my new house is cute!

{ quotes of dismay }

Me: (within the first 3 minutes of arriving in the Microtel parking lot)

Is that a hooker?

Oh my God, is that really a condom wrapper?

Is that hooker a man?


Me: (in the car, on our way to explore the city) Oh no! TomTom is sick! TomTom isn't moving or talking!

(turns out she just needed a moment to collect her thoughts)


Josh: (Saturday morning, as we were leaving the Microtel for home in the wee hours) So how long had you been awake before I asked you if you were awake?

Me: Since I heard someone vomiting in the parking lot. You?

Josh: Since before that.

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