Thursday, April 19, 2012


I've been going outside, which is unusual for me.

Ineko and I have been enjoying each other's company.

{I think he's camouflaging himself.}

Yesterday I hung some clothes on the line, using the hanging bag full of clothespins that's been there since my grandma last used it.

I've clipped some pretty flowers.

Roses and peonies.
Josh was going through some stuff in the carport the other day, and I spotted that milk-glass vase. I was like "I want that!" and I snatched it up. Then, like that same day, I was looking through the current issue of Southern Living, and my vase was in there!!!

{See there it is.}

We have this one iris that's brown and it's totally cool. I think someone gave it to my grandma at a flower show.

This year I clipped it and brought it in.

When I was in kindergarten or something, I apparently told the class that I had "two pet grub-worms." 

{They really were my pets. I kept them in a tray full of dirt on the patio.}

These guys were hanging out in some mulch. Me and Josh got a chuckle out of seeing them. (He knows the story.)


beverly said...

Great blog post. I love your flower arrangement! And your clothesline makes me think of mother.

Valerie mansbridge said...

Awesome! Looks so peaceful. If I had a clothes pen, I'd like to hang out some sheets. When I was a kid, I remember how nice the sheets were after being hung outside.... Maybe I should go buy some and give it a try.....