Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to Yard-Sale

The yard-saling tips below are mostly based on this morning's yard-saling expedition, which included 5 stops.


Unless you just want to gawk at the pretty houses, avoid yard-sales in rich-people neighborhoods. They suck.

The sellers are not especially friendly, and they don't have anything good for sale. 

If you see community gates and out-sourced landscaping... 

 { Keep driving. }

You want to see country roads and old houses, beautiful in their own way in the 7am light.

You want a sweet little country boy, age 3 or so, to greet you at the chain-link fence and give you permission to open the gate.

You want to meet the grizzled older gentleman sitting on his porch who is parting with his jadeite coffee mug on your behalf.

{ These are all very good signs. }


Happy yard-saling!


beverly said...

LOL at cattail. I see several.

Betsey said...

Roscoe struck the perfect pose didn't he?