Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cincrow de Mayo

Josh and I had a fantastic time camping with my mom over the weekend. We did some kayaking, some hiking, and some good eatin'. I made 2 batches of tortillas for the camping trip, and on Cinco de Mayo Eve (Friday) we had pork quesadillas, refried beans, guacamole, and salsa for supper.

Mom warned me that critters would steal any food that wasn't packed away for the night. And I thought I had packed everything away. But I was tired. And it was dark.

On Cinco de Mayo morning, Mom woke up with the sun, while Josh and I snoozed in our tent. She decided to go for a leisurely morning paddle in her kayak. However, when she noticed a crow fly by carrying a whole tortilla, she figured she better high-tail it back to the campsite. She returned to find a gathering of assorted woodland creatures negotiating over a ziplock bag full of homemade corn tortillas. 

And thank goodness she arrived when she did! Aside from the one tortilla, all the rest were in the bag and in tact (minus a few nibbles). 

{ And those nibbled tortillas made for some darn good Cinco de Mayo breakfast burritos. }

What? Camping.

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