Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maple Toffee Meringues

Last post, I told you I would tell you about maple toffee meringues, so here I am!

This dessert jumped out at me while I was perusing the Shugary Sweets blog. Josh used to like meringues (or "forgotten cookies," as he knew them) when he was younger. Plus, Josh loves maple and is partial to toffee.

Josh, Josh, Josh.

So I made them. {Because I've secretly been craving toffee myself.}

I had never made meringues before. I didn't even know that I liked meringues. But this is maybe the perfect dessert. Meringues might be my new thing. 

I calculated the calories, and these delicious candy-covered things are only 45 calories each! 

This flavor combination is brilliant and amazing and will be repeated. But I have something up my sleeve for next time: ghirardelli chocolate peppermint meringues.

Josh didn't even like them that much...


{This recipe is a guest post, so you actually have to go to this other blog to look at it.}

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Beverly said...

forgotten cookies? must be from his dad's side cuz that's one i've never heard of!