Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perfect Berry-Almond Smoothie for One

I make the best berry almond smoothie.

It's very tasty, perfectly frosty, and it's full of protein and nutrients. 

In other words: 

{ It'll get you through a good chunk of your day. }

You'll need:
  • 1 individual serving of yogurt (I get the Activia because Josh says it has good stomach bugs.)
  • 1 generous spoonful of almond butter
  • milk
  • a generous amount of frozen mixed berries (I like strawberries + blueberries + raspberries.)
  • sugar

You want the yogurt to be partially frozen.
To achieve the desired effect, set the yogurt cup in the freezer overnight. The next morning, set the yogurt out on the counter while you're exercising. (Or chasing your kids around or putting on your make-up or whatever.) 30 minutes to an hour.

*** Note: Josh says that I might be killing the good bugs by freezing the yogurt. 

When you set out the yogurt, you also want to set out the strawberries (but not the other berries), so that they aren't just giant chunks of frozen-solidness. 

When you're ready to make the smoothie, plop the frosty yogurt into the blender first. Then add the almond butter. 

You want the almond butter to land on top of the yogurt. You don't want it to fall down underneath the blades, or you won't get all of it in your smoothie.

Splash in some milk and blend until incorporated.

Then grab your berries (frozen solid little berries + slightly thawed big berries) and throw them in, along with 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar. Blend that, add more milk if necessary, and you're done

You want the consistency to be just thin enough to pour into a glass and drink through a straw. No thinner.

This baby will give you the good energy you need to get your day up and moving. You'll be satiated for hours.

Hope you enjoy!


Recipe inspired by this.
Restaurant ware berry bowl available here.
Similar amber glass tumblers (only taller) available here.


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karan karla aron said...

This looks soooo good! I love almond butter. What a great idea to add to a smoothie.
Anyway, just saying hello from kkr's class. Enjoyed your comments and knowing you are near my old stomping grounds!