Friday, January 15, 2010

The Week in Review

Hello! First I want to say I am so excited to have 2 followers! Thanks Lizzy. Thanks Jennifer. (Not sure which Jennifer you are, but thank you for following me!) And thank you other people who have been keeping up with my blog. It makes me feel so special! : )

Anyway, just wanted to do a little post about what I've been up to this week. So, I think I might have made the best investment of my life. I bought a knife sharpener.

It only cost $10, but it's AMAAAAZING. It totally exceeded my expectations. My knife is so frickin' sharp now, I'm almost afraid of it. If your lot in life includes chopping up vegetables all the time, you've gotta get one of these. Also pictured is my trusty Calphalon knife, which I love. My mom gave it to me a while back, and it's pretty much the only one I use now. Highly recommended.

In other news, Josh and I took our babies to the vet yesterday to have their yearly shots and a checkup. We ended up paying an UNGODLY amount of money for the shots and new medications for Roscoe, but other than that it was a good vet experience. We LOVE our new vet (Lake Hamilton Animal Hospital).

We were finally able to get some answers about Roscoe's medical issues, so I feel good about that. I also feel good because Lux has lost 3 lbs since her last visit in June! (She was getting too fat, so I put her on a diet.) She now weighs a slim & trim 10.8 lbs. I'm so proud of my little girl!

In other other news, I did a lotta cooking this week. I made cheeseburger soup, ham-and-cheese croissant casserole, crawfish monica, and cowboy caviar. I'm going to start posting some of my favorite recipes soon, don't you worry.

Oh and someone infiltrated my checking account! They only stole $1.46, but Josh insisted that I report it to the bank, so I did, and they cut up my check card. Now I've gotta wait for a new, different-numbered one to come in the mail. LAME!


beverly said...

I love that picture of Roscoe and Lux.

Betsey Claire Buys said...

Aren't they cute little trouble-makers?

Josh told me that one picture looks like an actual ad for a knife sharpener! I told him that about 1 in 30 of my pictures come out looking good.

Robiana said...

Cowboy caviar!!! Love it!!!