Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dirty Old One Man Band

 I'm currently obsessed with the musician Scott H. Biram. Last weekend I discovered that his music is great to listen to while de-cluttering your house while in a slightly agitated state. {As in, your husband has just put his foot down and demanded that you do something about your growing hoard of vintage dishes (and other odds and ends) that has slowly begun to encroach upon his man space.}

Anyway, I love how Biram's music transports my brain to "The South." {And not the Southern Living South.} Like I say, it's great music for cleaning. Also good for driving around in the country on a hot-as-hell summer day in Arkansas. Anyone up for a trip to Fordyce?

I've mostly been listening to the album Graveyard Shift. I'll probably get around to the other ones eventually. I like this song that he does, called Long Fingernail. {Please excuse the disgusting album art. Like just scroll down after you hit play so you don't have to look at it.}

I also like:
Plow You Under
Lost Case of Being Found
Pastures of Plenty {I think this one is an old song.}


{ i keep pinin' for love
but the devil's hand
keeps pokin' at my heart 
with the long fingernail }

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